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Pathway of the Essene's 
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Youth Scholarships 
Grants for Education

Pathway of the Essene sees the enormous value of investing in our youth and investing in the future.

We are excited to announce our Scholarship and Grant program for local community members  seeking enrichment that aligns with Pathway values and beliefs.


We collect donations and fundraise to offer youth and adults financial support to achieve their goals. 

This is a 501(c)3 tax-deductible opportunity for those interested in being instrumental in the lives of those seeking education for natural and nature-based learning. When you donate to Pathways Scholarship & Grant Fund, you are making bold and inspiring move to enable seekers to learn more about the natural world and the natural connection that has on the human spirit. You are the Shepard for these lucky individuals. 

If you are a family seeking a scholarship for your child for a Nature-based program or an adult seeking a grant in a nature based program, please fill out an application anytime. 



Youth Scholarships are awarded August 1st of every year, and the adult education grants are per basis, reviewed quarterly. 


We can only offer as much as we receive, some years may be more funds available than others, but we will strive to always be able to offer the youth enrichment scholarships consistantly. 

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