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A Girls Club Alternative

Pathways originated out of a search for an alternative to "Scouts". With so many organizations being political or specifically religious, Pathway of the Essene saw a need to present an alternative. 

Pathways Youth Enrichment is an Earth Science program- modeled after scouting, with age level specific lesson plans and events. The program promotes character development, community mindfulness, appreciation of nature and leadership skills. Students earn badges, like other scouting programs, because these serve as an award of accomplishment and a keepsake of their journey. 

 Research shows that girls learn best in an all girl, girl-led, and girl-supported environment, so we endeavor to offer this to the local youth.

If you are interested in starting your own Pathways Youth Enrichment Program in your area- we would love to help! We offer coordinator packages here

Joining Pathways

Pathways registration begins in August, because we teach in the girl-led manner- meaning the members get an opportunity to plan their year, set their goals and choose community projects that speaks to their spirit. However, you can join at anytime- jumping in to the meetings that are in motion! 

The age brackets are:

  • Sprouts (K-1)

  •  Sunbeams (2-3)

  •  Seashells (4-5)

  •  Gemstones (6-8)

  •  Pathfinders (9-10)

  •  Diplomats (11-12)

Membership is $25 a year and uniforms are provided. 

Pathways members earn badges, like other scouting programs, because these serve as an award of accomplishment and a keepsake of their journey. 

Pathways is a non-profit program, so we fundraise twice a year.  The funds are used for supplies, field trips, and other events the members plan for their year. This teaches entrepreneurial skills, money management and budgeting. This also presents opportunity to gain talking skills, leadership, confidence, and social interaction. The goal is to make the group self-supporting, without the need for "dues" from families that participate.

Currently our groups are only located locally, however we plan on expanding as our program grows- much like other scouting or social clubs in the area. 


Pathway of the Essene Inc

Home Educators


K-8 Workshops and Group Learning

We offer periodic learning opportunities for local families. 

These learning opportunities are available for K-8 and are focuses on science, art, and nature. 

All workshops are secular, meaning there is no religious instruction of material in religious perspective or religious material provided. This is to keep material standardized and focused on subject matter. 

Each workshop ranges from 3 to 5 days in length (each day meeting at 4pm to 5pm). The cost for these workshops vary in price, from $50 to $75 per offering. 

For more info and a list of current workshops available- email us at

Previous Workshops: 

6/21 Nature Workshop / Living Things (Science)

7/21 Numbers Workshop / Numbers in Nature (Math)

8/21 Art Workshop / Color Theory - Painting (Art)

9/21 Rock Workshop / Mineral & Rock Hardness Testing (Science)

10/21 Measurement Workshop / Pumpkin Circumference (Math)

11/21 Weather Workshop / Snow and Weather (Science)

6/22 Nature Workshop / Plant Life (Science)

7/22 Water Workshop / Currents, Swells, Clarity (Science)