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Founded in 2020, Pathway of the Essene has been a lifetime in the making. Officially established in the new year, January 2021, marks a commitment in time to share with the world the accumulation of knowledge and to invite others to continue learning and growing in the path of our forefathers the Essene. 

Our ministry focuses on the Heavenly Father, Earthly Mother and the Holy Angels. Our bodies are our Temple, and we do not intake death or dead ("negative") energy into our bodies, as this would prevent us from being able to commune with our Heavenly Father. 

We recognize Yeshua ("Jesus") as Yeshua Mashiach ben David, the Book of Enoch, the Tanach, the Book of Matisyahu (Matthew), The Essene Gospel of Peace (4 Books) and the Dead Sea Scrolls (reference). We adopt a lifestyle that is a loose form of Judaism, our Sabbath and festivals are set to the Enocian calendar but this is in coordination with the common Gregorian calendar the world uses. 

Exploring Nature

Our Ministry










To build a community here on Earth as we wait on the Lord. Observance of the Essene pathway, keeping our communions daily and building our Holy Temple within our bodies. 


Our community is located in central Mn, made up of local families. Our ministry is located in a  rural area, making it very easy to connect with our Earthly Mother. 


Pathway of the Essene is a ministry that is focused on building a strong safe community, fortifying the home and health of those around us, and supporting families in the Central Lakes area! 


Our culture and lifestyle arise out of the example presented by the Brotherhood of the Essenes; modeled after the teachings of Enoch and Yeshua ben David of Nazarene. 

We practice, and are growing, towards bringing the Law of the Heavenly Father to life- as stated in the four books of the Essene Gospel of Peace. 

The backbone of our faith are the four books of the Essene and we study and implement practices from them. Starting with the foundational Judaic practices that were common of our teachers (Enoch and Yeshua) and joining that with the clarity that Yeshua brought to those practices; we move forward in faith of that given path. Meaning, we already observe eating laws (no consumption of blood or unclean animals), judicial laws (moral codes, abide by laws of the lands), and commandments given at Mt Sinai ("ten" commandments) expected of the Hebrew people- this is the basis; they are blended and adjusted to the teaching of Yeshua and Enoch developed by the Essene. This is because Yeshua came to clarify the meanings of an already established order- not to abolish the Law, but to fulfill it or, more accurately, to bring it to life.

The Pathway of the Essene seeks to develop these practices based on the teachings of our foundation, Netzarim texts, the book of Enoch, Dead Sea scroll fragments and the Torah (Tanach); plus the clarifications Yeshua presented in the book of Matityahu (Matthew) and the Essene Gospels. We recognize the Kabbalah writings are also centric to understanding our Creators plan for our bodies, minds, and spirits. 

We believe: 

- God the Heavenly Father, the creator of all things, endows us with the living Law

-Our bodies are our Temple to commune with God; keeping them undefiled is a core attribute to our faith to build the Holy Temple within us.

-The Earthly Mother who bore us from her earth, nourishes us in health and body; so we practice a Kosher-Mediterranean, vegetarian and raw foods lifestyle- with the goal of no "death" entering our bodies. While this is the goal, we realize the geographical limitations do dictate some of our choices- but this is our ultimate goal, and often a work in progress. This process ties into our beliefs of energy, vibration, creation, and our true beginnings from our Earthly Mother. 

-Communion with the Angels of the Heavenly Father and greeting the Earthly Mother and her Angels is essential in forming the Sevenfold Peace. 

-the Brotherhood; made up of believers of the Heavenly Father, the Earthly Mother and Holy Angels, relying on the teaching of Enoch and Yeshua, that have completed a term of 1 year. A commitment into the Brotherhood is established by set perimeters and once accomplished the member will be inscribed in the Book of Light and counted among the Brotherhood. After a 3 year period, acceptance into the Essene community is offered with all financial opportunities included. 

-the Sabbath is a priority, to commune with the Heavenly Father, following the Enocian calendar. The festivals also will be adjusted to the Enocian calendar. The Gregorian calendar will be used in conjunction to this, as we feel operating within the societal structure is still needed for coordination. 

-a lifestyle of community with the Fellowship, as we are charged with the duty to build the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth as we wait on the Lord. In our community we follow the laws given on Mt Sinai, practicing a simplified form of Judaism. This includes eating laws (clean and unclean / not the ritual works of kosher kitchen law), the commandments of the moral code and the judicial conduct (abiding local laws, judicial structure) and a set structure for the community established by the statutes and ordinances of our forefathers.

-greeting and communion with Holy Angels; communications are a bridge between man and Angels. (*This term is used and expanded on with our readings, "Angels" and energy, or Messengers of Light.)

-in the Tree of Life, Eitz Chaim; trees were brothers of men once and respect is given to the humble tree. Man is a bridge between the earth and heaven, creating a "tree" of life. All this ties into a more "Eastern" thought, but in the context of a more traditional viewpoint. Tree, plants, nature all have importance, and we tread gently with good intentions, as all energy is communicated. 

-both men and women are counted among our Essene ministry as a member of the Fellowship and "Brotherhood". We all come from the same Heavenly order. There is equality between man and woman. Although we recognize the two created genders, we recognize all are equal - but individual attributes are unique to each. The term "brotherhood" is used in our readings and it meant for all; is not meant in offense, but in unity. 

-fellowship meetings are what we call a gathering of two or more members in spiritual study. We hold "Fellowships" as our weekly meetings. We do not label them "Services" as the churches do- because we are unique and feel the term "service" portrays a job or chore and our Fellowship is a loving act. We are not like the "organized religions" you are accustomed to hearing about.  We truly address each members questions and journey, we are not focused on tithing/memberships/elitism- we are focused on building our heavenly family. We refer to our collective as a Ministry- as this is the closest term that fits the Pathway of the Essene- as a member of the Brotherhood we all minister to one another. 

-We believe in man as an energy based being, responding to natural health care- such as sound, frequency, holistic herbs, gem therapy, homeopathic and all around naturopathy- all things found in creation for the Creation. We do not prohibit mainstream secular medicine, but we view this as a supplement to our own path of care. 

About the Journey

Thank you for inquiring further! If you made it this far down the page, you have a spirit seeking answers and for that I honor you and your search. May the Heavenly Father guide your path to where you find pools of wisdom to drink from.  



Here are my personal recommendations:  

  • First and foremost, you need to have an understanding of the political temperature of Yeshua's time and how things happen in a country you may not be familiar with. This was a thesis compiled and I originally crosschecked it at my first reading and found no errors personally. This book is a solid foundation in understanding the beginnings of the Church and the separation of Judaic thought from followers of Yeshua. This book alone will answer a plethora of questions you may have of mainstream Christianity.   The Conflict of the Church and The Synagogue Publisher: Macmillan Pub Co (June 1, 1969), Language: English, ISBN-10: 0689701519, ISBN-13: 978-0689701511  

  • Next, I would encourage you to read the Torah, from the Tanach.  

  • Then, the Hebrew version of Matthew, it can be found here.  

After that, I would then suggest a copy of The Essene Gospel of Peace (Books 1-4) 

Another good book to read is the Book of Enoch (any version would be fine, there are three compiled into one, you can find that one here.) 

If you are over 40, a reading of the Kabbala should be started, so your understanding deepens. Once you have completed reading at least a basic overview of the Kabbalh, such as The Essential Kabbalah: The Heart of Jewish Mysticism ISBN:0062511637, this gives a simple look and feel of what the entire works encapsulate.

Hopefully those will give you a renewed perspective and refresh your enthusiasm, no matter where it takes you, I wish you a peaceful journey. 

Here are some personal recommendations for setting up your home and kitchen up:

Mediterranean diet

This is the backbone of our style of eating. "Clean eating", meaning no (or very few) processed/refined foods- the Mediterranean focuses on vegetable, grains with addition of fish and egg. As a member of Essene, we do not consume blood- meaning no land animal meat (pork, beef, lamb, buffalo, goat, etc)- the Mediterranean allows some poultry but mostly fish or eggs. If you personally choose to add in poultry occasionally, please be sure to kosher the cuts of meat, ensuring the life blood is no longer present. Same process for fish and egg, check all eggs for bloodspots before cooking (*see Kosher Kitchen guide).

Kosher Kitchen

While we do not promote the rigidity of Koshering (kashering) a private kitchen, the idea of separating milk and meat and koshering what we do eat is very important to observance of our beliefs. Specifically, eating only kosher animals (mainly fish and egg for the Essene members). The information in the link is very clear and easy to follow- a recommended read if you are unfamiliar with kosher kitchen/food requirements. 

The Secret Life of Plants

A great connective book to open up the understanding that all energy is connected. We are just as much a part of plant and earth as they are of us. We are all created and share that thread of spirituality. ISBN 10: 0060915870

The Whole Man

Radionics - I am not promoting "new age" or "earth magic"... the field of radionics is directly correlating to the energy baics of man. Until we fully understand how we are created and what we are made of - we will be truly missing a part of the puzzle. The book Radionics & the Subtle Anatomy of Man ISBN:0850320895 is a great spring board into the lost theories and successes of treating man as an energy being. But I warn you, do not veer to the right or left, this field of study is often riddled with negative influences. 

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