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Volunteers on Construction Site


If the spirit is moving you to contribute to our ministry, there are a number of ways to do so! 

We offer a number of ways to contribute besides the obvious monetary style- we offer donation pick-up (goods or food items), donations of presence (labor, crafting, computer input), donations of goods (sent), estate donations (will/bequeath), OR

If you would like to donate via traditional methods, please hit the donate button and follow the instructions below. 

Thank you for your support and kindness, peace be with you! 


Pathway of the Essene is a not-for profit entity (meaning we don't make a profit on what we do). All of our programs and youth efforts are funded purely by the members here; we receive no government grants/funding. 

This is just one aspect of our ministry- the heart of the ministry is spiritual truth and following the path of those teaching it. The financials are just one area where we must be good stewards with what God provides. 

Thank you for considering helping us, peace be with you! 

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