Foggy Lake

Pathways | Journey

Pathways | Journey is a unique hybrid educational enrichment program offered to the local families of central lakes Mn. 

Our academic guidance foundations are based in Montessori blended with Waldorf additions with the added health benefits of Forest School methods. 

Our mission is to bring a student-directed program to the lakes area, that fosters creative thinking, academic guidance, connection with nature, treating the student as a whole-worthwhile individual on their way to independence.

We are a non-religious option that offers part-time scheduling so that the family is still a strong main component to the childs education structure. 

Core attributes of our programs style: 

  • Montessori = age brackets (planes), 3-freedoms (movement, choice, repetition), purposeful work, prepared environment, space & order

  • Waldorf =  rhythm (routine), learning blocks, natural-based handiwork

  • Forest School = daily (all days above -5) outdoor hands-on learning to build confidence and self-esteem

  • Classical & Traditional = Classical elements are utilized through novels applicable to our learning blocks, based on students reading level. The traditional elements are in the areas of Math and Language workbooks, these are utilized for independent academics to keep educational pursuits  accountable to state standards                *this area, although a workbook is utilized, the student still self-directs the choice of area to study

Outcomes for your student:

  • A full spectrum of academics, self-discipline (completing tasks), inner discipline (development of will/choice), social development, community development, and mindfulness. 

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